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  1. Dear HerdThank you for your touching tribute. You have been such awesome and faithful friends during such a difficult time. I really appreciate your strength and support. I loved Max so much but also learned that there was no end to the love which he himself could dispense.Thank you again.With loveMAXMOM IN SOUTH AFRICA

  2. If you check the album, you’ll find out that they helped write the songs. I’m not asking you to like 1D. We all have different opinions. I’m just asking you to respect us, because we like this band, and we want to watch videos of them without people telling us that we’re stupid. We’re not. You have music YOU like, we have music WE like. No need to hate on eachother, we just have different taste.And also, if you cannot even spell “write” correctly, I don’t think you have anything to say.

  3. Allora, siamo liberi di votare, se ci piace pure di candidarci, a corredo di parlare, scrivere e leggere, c’abbiamo i supermarket con le merci e i soldi per comprarle, e possiamo pure lamentarci!Dimmi tu cosa vuoi di più.PS passi per lo Stato più onniscente e la Societò più autodistruttiva. Non capisco cosa sia una Società totalitaria nè onnipotente. Saluti.

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